Moon Will Be On The Top Of MAKKAH Tonight

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Moon will be on the top of Makkah tonight, if you are lucky enough to be there tonight, you will be looking at Mood right on the top of Makkah, it happens once a year.

Muslims offering Salah at Masjid Al Hara in the city of Makkah, Saudi Arabia will be lucky enough to see the moon right above the Kaaba, this happens once every year.

The moon will be on the top of Kaaba at 12:28 am tonight and can be seen till 01:31 am at night, on the 24 December 2018, as it moves right above the Kaaba. After 01:31 am the moon will start to shift to a new location.

The moon will shined by 98.6 percent, and the moon will be approximately 370,115 km away from Kaaba.

Head of the Jeddah Astronomy Association, Majid Abu Zahira quoted in newspaper.

This marvel happens once every year… Muslims at the Grand Mosque will have the capacity to see the moon ideal above them today around evening time.

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As per Alyoum paper, such a wonder helps Muslims worldwide in finding the heading of Makkah.

“In the event that a Muslims in any piece of the world just takes a gander at the moon amid that wonder, at that point Makkah is toward that path.”

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