24 Life Lessons By Prophet Muhammad PBUH All Of Us Should Follow

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There are a number of life lessons by Prophet Muhammad PBUH, but we’re mentioning top 24 life lessons by him (PBUH).

The Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) said at different occasions in his hadiths (References below)

4 things can make you body sick:

  • Too much Talking.
  • Too much Sleeping.
  • Too much Eating.
  • Too much Interaction with people.

4 things that can destroy you body:

  • The anxiety.
  • Gloom (sadness/sorrow).
  • Hunger.
  • Sleep late at night.

4 things that remove nur and joy from you face:

  1. The lie.
  2. Being disrespectful, impudent (doing a bad thing, even if you know it is bad.)
  3. Argument without enough information and knowledge.
  4. Excessive immorality (doing wrong things without the fear of Allah).
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4 things that increase facial light and joy:

  1. Piety.
  2. Loyalty.
  3. Generosity (being good and kind).
  4. Being helpful to other people without them asking.

4 things that can stop you rizq

  1. Sleeping late in the morning (fajr at sunrise).
  2. Not praying or being irregular in prayers.
  3. Laziness or Idleness.
  4. Cheating or dishonesty.

4 things that bring or increase the rizq:

  1. Watch in prayer.
  2. Excessive recitation of istighfar.
  3. Giving sadaqah regularly.
  4. Dhikr.

These things you should keep in mind from now on. These life lessons by Prophet Muhammad PBUH are a great guide of how we should spend our lives. And must follow the things recommended by the Prophet Muhammad PBUH in it and should avoid doing what he disliked.

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Allahumma-inni-ala-Zikr-ika-wa Shuk-rika wa husni Ibaadatik. A very impactful Dua we just sent to you. If you share this, a number of people will read it, and you will get the reward as others will recite it.

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A Shabbir Ahmed

Jazak Allah Khairan Brethren at The Islamic Information.

When Allah Subhaanuwa Tha’aala Has Given us Muslims The Best Role Model in Rasul Allah (ﷺ), It is pity that many of us are running after other personalities who don’t even matter.

Hope we reflect and reform soon

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