Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Reveals A DARK Truth About Brandon Tarrant

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Brandon Tarrant is a terrorist who brutally killed 41 Muslims at Al Noor Mosque terrorist attack and 9 in Linwood Mosque in New Zealand.

New Zealand has marked it the Deadliest Mass Shooting ever and urgently banned the use of Semi-Automatic guns in New Zealand. Meanwhile, People belong to all communities have shown their sympathies with Muslims.

This news came as a shock to the Muslim community as a peaceful country like New Zealand can have a terrorist who would just show up and end 50 innocent lives in a Mosque.

On the other hand, Shaykh Abdullah Hakim, who is an Imam and a lecturer from North America, has told the darkest truth about Brandon Tarrant and all the manifesto he had in his mind against the Muslims.

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This video is a reminder that where Muslims all around the world are standing right now, and what will be the impact of this terrorist attack, and what motive this terrorist had in mind to make this sort of Attack on Muslims in the daylight.

The Darkest Truth About Brandon Tarrant

Not just this, but Shaykh Abdullah Hakim also mentioned what is happening with Muslims all around the world which media does not show to the world. He said it is happening silently, but the United Nation (UN) is silently looking all of it and doing nothing.

The things mentioned in the video are rarely reported by the Media. He further said, that this attack was to enrage Muslims to take action so they could ban Muslims from Europe. Shaykh has asked all the Muslims in this video to stay calm and have faith in Allah SWT.

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What do you think about what Shaykh Abdullah Hakim has said ? Drop your views in the comment box below so he can read your opinions on his speech.

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