A Jew vlogger, Drew Binsky Shared 5 Things He Liked About Muslims

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Drew Binsky a famous facebook vlogger made a video sharing the things he loved about Muslims and shared it on his facebook video channel.

This video touched the hearts of many as this video showed a very positive image of Muslims and Jews. This is indeed what the world needs right now, when everyone is labeling each other and trash talking against each other, this video is indeed a positive way forward to a better society.

In this video, Drew Binsky shared the list of 5 things he loved about Muslims are indeed loved by many.

5 Things Drew Binsky Loved About Muslims

This is a perfect way to express love to the other community, indeed peace is the only way forward in this world.

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When the media is busy showing Muslims with everything which is unacceptable, this video will help bring a change in the society and will help people show that Muslims and Jews are not rivals but friends and known how to live together.

Sad to say, that there are many social media propaganda which shows that Muslims hates Jews or Jews hate Muslims are baseless. Thanks to Drew Binsky to show the world that Neither Muslims nor Jews hate each other but adore and respect each other values.

If you liked this video, do not forget to share it on your timeline. Time to show the real peaceful picture of the Muslim world.

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