Israel Strikes Gaza With Mortar Fire and Balloon Bombs

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On Sunday, the army of Israel initiated airstrikes at the Hamas positions within Gaza. Drops Balloon Bombs. Also, it closed the fishing area near the Palestine enclave as a response to firebombs and rockets that were sent towards Israeli territory.

The army of Israel stated that these measures took place after a week of the increased tensions, in addition to the clashes, at the Gaza-Israeli border on Saturday evening. 

This longer Palestinian anger further increased when the UAE and Israel deal took place this Thursday, which followed normalization of the relations between them, making it a betrayal move concerning the Palestinians by a Gulf nation.

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In the previous days before this agreement, Israel initiated multiple strikes at night on the areas linked to Hamas which operates Gaza.

The army shared that these strikes were a response to the firebombs which were attached to the kites and balloons released towards Southern Israel, causing huge fires.

Israel stated such 19 attacks were made on Saturday with further two rockets released from Gaza, which were initiated by their own Iron Dome Defense System.

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Israel responded to these attacks with a lot of targets at Hamas targets including their own military compound to stock the rocket ammunition, the army added. 

The army of Israel planned to completely shut down the fishing area of Gaza Strip immediately after these clashes until further notice, which starts this Sunday morning, in accordance with the military statement.

Salah shared that they did nothing. They never get involved in politics and they are just simple fishermen whose bread relies on this sea.

Israel has also called off its Karem Shalom goods passing the Gaza area.

The health ministry of Gaza added that gunfires from Israel wounded two protesters.

Hamas, the Islamist militant group of Gaza Strip, is held by Israel, and they are the ones responsible for Palestinian initiated attacks.

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A Shabbir Ahmed

May Dajjal come at the earliest to take these zionist criminals to the eternal Hell Fire

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