The 6 Islamic Ways You Can Easily Quit Watching Adult Movies

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Quit Watching Adult Movies by following these six Islamic ways. Watch such explicit content leads to many bad habits, which is very common in youth.

In Quran, Allah has prohibited all kind of bad habits which can cause harm and dirtiness of your mind. Watch such things are not just very common in men only, it is also a common problem for women as well. These habits can lead to serious sin if not controlled on time, even Islam has taught us to control one’s sexual desires.

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1. Avoid The Thought

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if you feel that you are being dominated by the sexual arousal, so it’s better to read a book or you can even pray and make dua for you and your parents to divert your mind from it.

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2. Avoid Staying Alone

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Avoid staying alone, it’s better to join some activity which is more worthwhile and does not cause you health any problem.

3. Guard Your Internet

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There are few software and plugins which will block all the adult websites on your website, so whenever you try to visit them it prohibits you to see that page.

4. Get Married

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It does not mean that you get married because you do not have control on your sexual arousal. It means, gets married in youth because a person gets busy in his/her own family and life responsibilities.

5. Do Not Stay With The People Who Talk About Explicit Stuff

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Having people who always talk about the explicit things and have access to all sorts of adult content can be very dangerous for you that you will be more likely to fall into their trap.

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6. Fast and Pray

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Fast as much as you can and pray regularly because as per Quran, Praying stops one from all the bad habits.

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