According to Islam, These 5 Things Can Benefit Your Deceased Ones

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We think that our Deceased ones cannot earn the rewards after their death. But our last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) taught us these 5 ways to make the dead ones earn rewards.

1. Offering the Janazah

It is very important for everyone to pray Salat al Janazah. And this thing really benefits the dead.

benefit dead dua islam

2. Benefit from the Charitable work he or she has done in their lifetime

This is the second thing which helps the dead person earn rewards from the Sadqah e Jariah he has done in his lifetime.

This includes the following things:

  • Teaching other people (As in giving knowledge).
  • Built any mosque (As in added his share in the construction).
  • Any place built to help the unprivileged.
  • And includes other charity works.
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benefit dead dua islam (1)

3. Supplications done by the deceased offsprings (i.e. Children)

The children of the one passed away can be the source of earning a great number of rewards for the dead ones. If the children do any good work or pray or teach it will earn their dead some rewards.

benefit dead dua islam (2)

4. Fulfilling the promises made by the deceased ones and paying their debts

Paying debt of the dead is a must, the children or brothers or any relative of the dead should find out and pay all the debt, and fulfill all the promises etc including his Will.

benefit dead dua islam (3)

5. Making Dua for them

Whenever you visit graves of your loved ones, do make a dua for them, it really benefits them. Our prophet Muhammad PBUH used to make dua while visiting Jannat ul Baqee.

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