Indian Government Seized The Properties of Zakir Naik

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Zakir Naik is a prominent India based Islamic scholar whose properties have been seized worth 18 Crores Indian rupees including the Islamic Research Foundation.

The Indian government issued an order to immediately seize the properties of Zakir Naik which worths more than 3 Million British pounds.

Dr. Naik is currently facing money laundering case in India, in this case, the Indian government asked him to appear before the court on Monday (8th of October) which Dr. Naik failed to make his presence possible. National Investigation Agency (NIA) issued a second noticed in the Money laundering case in Islamic Research Foundation after that they ordered to seized his properties worth £2,214,000.

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Before this National Investigation Agency (NIA) several notices to Dr. Zakir Naiq including 14th of March earlier this year, all the notices were sent to his residence in Mumbai.

All of the Zakir Naik’s properties have been sealed by the Indian authorities after getting orders from the National Investigation Agency (NIA)

Dr. Naik is currently residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after getting Saudi Citizenship. And has not returned yet, he left India last November after Indian courts accused him of his involvement in terrorist plots in India and Bangladesh.

Furthermore, after Indian courts created news accusing him of his links with terrorism, Canada, UK and Malaysia have immediately banned his speeches and presence in their respective countries as they believe that they will not welcome anyone with terrorism charges.

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Although Dr. Zakir Naik while talking to media rejected all the allegations and said that India is plotting a trap against him to send him out of the country. And since then, Zakir Naik has not spoken publically on this matter either given any explanation regarding his ongoing charges.

This is a developing story, the updates will be posted on our FACEBOOK PAGE.

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