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7 Heart Attack Symptoms Which Women Ignore Which They Shouldn’t

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Heart attack symptoms which women should never neglect. Listed are the 7 symptoms which are the sign that you will be getting a heart attack, we at The Islamic Information cares for your health, and too aware people about their lifestyle.

Here are the 7 heart attack symptoms which you should watch out.

7. Slight Chest Pain

It doesn’t mean normal pain, slight chest pain means that you have trouble in breathing and you feel pressure on your chest and you have stabbing pain which you have for so long is a symptom which is an indication that something is wrong.

6. Pain That Travels To Your Jaw, Neck, Back, and Arm

Chest pain isn’t always in the mid of your chest, having pain in the jaw, back to your neck and arm is also the sign of having a heart attack soon.

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5. Trouble In Breathing

If you have trouble breathing for the last six weeks, then it’s a sign that you might be having a heart disease. People usually have mistaken it for Sinus or Asthma, but it is something linked to your heart.

4. Feeling Faint And Dizzy

When you have a feeling that you will faint anywhere or if you just faint just like that then it needs to be checked as soon as possible.

3. Sudden Sweating

Normal sweating or when you sweat suddenly in hot weather is not the signs but if you sudden sweat, while you’re sleeping, is the sign of Heart Attack among women.

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2. Feeling Nausea or Vomiting

Vomiting due to food poisoning or eating old food does not count in the heart attack symptoms. But if you have the pain in the upper abdomen and you’re feeling nausea then that should be something you need to pay your doctor a visit.

1. Extreme Tiredness

If you’re not doing anything and feeling as if you have done a lot and feel tired, then it’s one of the major heart attack symptoms among women. It also leads to depression, sadness, and even Cancer.

If you face these symptoms then visit the doctor rather than applying home remedies, because it is good to be treated on time rather than getting late.

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