Will Hajj 2020 Get Canceled Because of Coronavirus?

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Muslims all around the world asking will Hajj 2020 Get Canceled? We have tried to answer this question and also add what is going to happen.

Is the empty place of Hajj one of the signs of Qayamat? It is what Islam has stated. COVID-19 has impacted a lot of aspects of daily life around the globe including traveling, trading and other main economic aspects.

Thus, Hajj is known to stay abandoned throughout the year which is the largest religious gathering of the Muslims presents within Makkah.

hajj yajoj majoj kaaba hadith

Hajj preserves a significant place for Muslims as per Islam. It abandoning portrays bad omen for the Muslims. In Sahih Bukhari, as per narrated Shu’ba, it is stated that the hour i.e. that day of judgment won’t take place until the Ka’ba i.e. Hajj won’t get abandoned. Discussing in detail, the conclusion of the world would appear when Hajj would call off.

bait ul mamur hadith

Therefore, if coronavirus impedes the main Hajj obligation, it would explain that the path of Judgement Day got initiated. The initial model of Kaaba, Allah Almighty’s House, is Baitul Ma’mur, which is located straightly above Kaaba.

We can also consider the expansion of Israel as another evidence in this century. Also, the appearance of Dajjal is also linked with the maximization of Israel, in accordance with the ancient scriptures. Muslims should focus on the factors from their side that what mistake was made due to which anti-Muslims are leading in terms of powers and causing the Muslim decay.

hajj yajoj majoj kaaba hadith 1

Are we, as Muslims, on the right path which was declared by Prophet (PBUH). No, we are failing. We are divided in various sects in the present era. Many of us focus on being materialistic rather than being spiritual.

Muslims got away from logic, rationality and every aspect which was bestowed upon us. Many of them are emphasizing on interest, adultery, and ignorance.

Hajj 2020 Get Canceled?

According to the latest news, The Saudi Arabia government has stopped Hajj companies to make hotel bookings. They also added that they’re considering the cancellation of Hajj 2020 if Coronavirus is not controlled.

It is time that we should stay with unity and revise all the teachings by which we are blessed!


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This all happens just because of Dajjal.


i think how its wrath of Allah …. its His anger that how govt. of KSA raised tariffs of hajj and umrah ……. last 4 years, they were imposing 100 riyals every month, increasing to 400 riyals in 2020 …… and simultaneously expelling expatriates go away from their country …… and what other things they are doing, the world knows ….. making the country secular and liberal ………


true to what coments hv bn made – it seems that the present heirachy are servants of jadjhal

Yusuff Ibraheem Olamide

May almighty Allah guid us

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