Full Story of Prophet Musa (Moses) (AS), All Life Events In Detail

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Prophet Musa (AS) was a prophet sent by Allah SWT, Musa (AS) is one of those personalities who has been mentioned most frequently in the Holy Quran.

Prophet Musa (AS)’s life started with miracles, as his mother in teh fear of being killed, his Mother put him in a basket and adrift in the river Nile.

His life was full of tests as one day he was playing in the lap of Pharaoh, Musa (AS) pulled his beard and slapped his face. After seeing this, Pharaoh wanted to overthrow him. But Pharaoh’s wife Asiya (RA)¬†stopped Pharaoh to do such a horrible thing as Musa (AS) was just an infant.

So to test Musa (AS) Pharaoh brought two plates, one had rubies and the other one had burning red coals. Infant Musa (AS) went for rubies, but Angel Gabriel (AS) guided his hand to Coal, which he took and put it in his mouth. Then pharaoh knew that He (Musa) won’t harm him and later spared by Pharaoh. But after this event, Musa (AS) had a speaking defect.

Mount Sinai, where Prophet Musa (AS) first spoke to Allah.
Photo: Wikipedia

There are numerous lessons we can learn from the life of Musa (AS), but this video series will help you gather more details about how he lead his life and how he tried to spread the word of Allah. His life is something very motivating for all of us, his innocent and determination was the reason he was most frequently discussed personality in Quran.

Watch these two parts of video which tells you all about his life and events took place during his lifetime. So do watch and share with other to make them aware about Musa (AS).

Watch the Full Life Story of Prophet Musa (AS) also known as Prophet Moses

Part 1

Part 2

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