Full Story of Prophet Ayub (AS), All Life Events In Detail

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Prophet Ayub (AS) described in Quran with the word “Ayyub” which means “The Patient”. Son of Amos, son of Razeh (according to Ibn Ishaq), son of Rimil (according to others), son of Esau, son of Ishaq (AS), Son of Ibrahim (AS).

Therefore, Ayyub (AS) was descended from Ishaq (AS), but not through Yaqub (AS) but through Esau.

Then it did not belong to the Tribe of Israel, but it was a relative of them. His mother’s name was Minah, who some say was the daughter of Lut (AS), and his wife was Rahmah, daughter of Efraim son of Joseph; He had 12 daughters and 12 children. He was born in Basan, Syria. It is considered that he lived between the 15th and 16th centuries BC, that he lived 220 years and was buried in his own village next to the water source where he bathed, and in which Allaah healed his diseases.

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It is said that a group of angels argued about the human creatures of Allah, spoke of those who were humble servants of Allah, and those who were arrogant and incurred their discontent.

Ayyub was a very righteous servant. Allah put him to the test with his family, his property and his body. The story of Ayyub shows us that sometimes times of hardness and misfortune come to people not because of their wrongdoing, but as a test of Allah.

He did not adore him because of favors; his adoration came from his heart and had nothing to do with material things. But to prove to Iblis the depth of Ayyub’s sincerity and patience, Allah allowed him to do with his helpers whatever they wished with the abundance of Ayyub (AS).

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