King Salman Orders To Give Free Citizenship To Rohingya Muslims

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In the latest updates from Saudi Arabia, King Salman has ordered to give free citizenship to Rohingya Muslims in Saudi Arabia.

The Government of Saudi Arabia will provide free Iqamas without charging any fee under Government sponsorship to immigrants.

King Salman further announced 1 million Iqamas for Burmese, Nation is saluting King Salman for his act of kindness for Rohingya Muslims. As an ongoing crisis between Rakhine Buddhist and Rohingya Muslims is getting worse.

We are aware of the ongoing genocide of Muslims in Burma just like Palestine. The photos always spread about Muslim immigrants genocide in Myanmar on social media. No country is willing to give them space in their country, because many countries are also worried about occupying their own land like Rohingya Muslims, and later claiming that they are like Israel. It is theirs, but there is a serious difference between the faith and loyalty of Muslims and Jews.

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The Rohingya people are located near Bangladesh. Bangladesh does not allow Muslims to shelter on their land. However, King Salman announced the offering of 1Milliom Iqamas to Rohingya Muslims.

In the past 70 years, many Rohingya Muslims still love the sandy beaches of Saudi Arabia. One million Iqmas is now a better way for the Saudi Arabian Muslim Shelter.

Iqmas is basically a type of ID for Saudi Arabian citizens or Iqama is required to stay in Saudi Arabia.

The Burmese community chief living in Saudi Arabia praised the decision of King Salman to help the Rohingya Muslim people settle in Saudi Arabia.

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Although we have learned from our sources, Saudi Arabia will also provide free education to Muslims in Rohingya.

Ikamas will now help them enjoy health and public services like any other Saudi Arabian citizen.

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