Did you know, it is forbidden to fly over the Kaaba!

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Did you know that in Islam, it is forbidden to fly over the Kaaba and that there is no airport in Mecca? The reason behind these is obvious. The Kaaba is the exact center of the Planet and is the first point to see the sunrise.

In scientific terms, since it is the center of gravity, it attracts magnetic charges at that precise location. The Kaaba is where the cosmic rays of gravity of the Earth confluence and vacuum zone in layers of air. Hence, it is not possible for any object, living or non-living, to fly over the Ka’aba. Therefore, there is no airport in the city of Mecca. This also explains why birds fly by surrounding the Mecca, not above it.

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The Ka’aba is also the light of the Planet. The light that comes from it pierces space and across the sky to the house of Allah called baytul Ma’mour. Hence the house of Allah is at right angles to the Ka’aba on Earth.

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