This Is What Does The Color of Your Nails Tell About Your Health

Color of Your Nails Tell About Your Health

Most of us do not pay attention to nails or their colors, but you believe or not, these nails can tell a lot about the body.

The healthy nails of the feet are smooth, color stable and generally pink, while different colors, marks or lines indicate various health issues.

Here you will be able to know how different colored healthy nail and at which time you should approach the doctor.

If nails are black or purple marks

nail black spot cure
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Well, it is not necessary to tell about this, because these marks usually appear due to its effects or tram due to the fall of heavy objects on the nail. The good thing is that there is no need to do anything for her treatment, but she has to wait for some time so that she should come to normal, namely, nails continue to grow and these marks disappear.

If they become yellow or brown

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If the Nail of the feet are completely slim and their color becomes yellow or brown, then it can be the result of the finger infection, which may affect several nails at a time. The color of the nails goes deeper, its color changes, the slim and the corner break, which proves infection. The treatment depends on the intensity of infection which is in accordance with medicines or other medical procedures. If the nails are yellow or brown, please refer to the immediate doctor so that they can diagnose it immediately and suggest a cure. The solution of the vitamins B12 in the body rather than nails and beef nails in the infection is the solution. The doctor’s advice uses supplements.

White marks or lines

white marks on nails cure
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Such lines are the result of a continuous pressure or tram, but the pressure of the pressure is not so much that the black or purple marks emerged on nails. It is usually responsible for worn narrow shoe or rubbing nails constantly in one place. This treatment is conceived in the use of specific supplements from the doctor’s advice, the second treatment is to wait and nails increase in a short period of time, but these white lines are also caused due to lack of blood, if you are tired shoes If you do not use or do not hurt for any other reason, anemia may be due to it, then refer to the doctor to see if there is a lack of iron.

Red Nail

red nails cure
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Usually, nails such as nutritious foods are not resulting, or say that severe food deficiency causes it, which can be known to you itself. This color of nails is a sign that the doctor should be referred immediately.

Black lines on the nail

Black lines on the nail cure
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If black lines have emerged on the nails or they are completely black, it can be very serious due to disadvantage, so it is better to refer to the doctor and be inspected.

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