What Keeps Floor Of Makkah Cool In High Temperatures?

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Makkah’s Floor is always cool! ever wondered why? The reason behind it will astonish you after you read out what it is all about! The main reason for this is not any kind of water pipes under the Floor Of Makkah but the kind of marble used.

We usually go to Makkah, but do not think about the fact that how come in the scorching heat, the floor of Kaaba remains cooler. Instead of inquiring about this, we give more time in taking selfies and pictures, in one of the recent posts we talked about the Arabic Calligraphy written on the Kaaba Black Cover, which indeed fascinated most of the readers of this blog.

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Have you ever thought about the reason behind the coolness under your feet when you are standing or praying at the Makkah’s Grand Mosque and especially around the Holy Kaaba?

We were amazed too after we found out what it really is that keeps the floor cool even during high temperatures or hot weather? – Read it below, you will be amazed too.

The real reason for this coolness is the kind of marble used in the Makkah’s Floor!

The office of the presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques talked to the Al Arabiya and claimed that the main cause is the type of marble that makes the flooring cooler. A unique kind of marble, Thassos, is imported from Greece. The stone has the rare kind of reflecting the sun’s rays and in turn the heat during the Day. This keeps the floor cooler while easing the pilgrimage for the devotees.

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This is indeed a great thing to know for the people who have visited the grand mosque but never knew the reason why the floor always kept cool. This is indeed a worth sharing information to all Muslims out there.

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