12 Facts About Uthman Ibn Affan (RA) You Need To Know

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Uthman Ibn Affan (RA) was the third Caliph of Islam alongside, Umer (RA), Abu Bakar (RA) and Ali (RA). He was calm, gentle and very warmhearted. Uthman (RA) is one of the greatest companions of Muhammad (PBUH).

1. Uthman (RA) was known as Faithful (Ghani). His reign was approximately around 12 years.

2. His reign was consisted of 12 years, in his reign, starting 6 years were peaceful the rest 6 years faced conflicts due to inheritance problems.

3. Uthman (RA) kind, generous and shy man.

4. Uthman Ibn Affan was 7 years younger than Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

5. Uthman Ibn Affan (RA) belonged to the tribe called “Quraysh Tribe” and Uthman (RA) was their “GOLDEN CHILD”

6. He (RA) was able to read and write because at his time there were very few people who can read and write.

7. Abu Bakar (RA) converted and introduced Uthman (RA) to Islam.

8. Uthman (RA) married the daughter of Muhammad (PBUH), Ruqayah (RA). Before that, Ruqayah (RA) was married to Abu Lahab’s son Otaiba. After the death of Ruqayah (RA) Our Beloved Prophet S.A.W.S. gave His another Daughter to Uthman (RA).

9. He faced a lot of stress and torture but he did not leave Islam.

10. On Fridays, It was Uthman (RA)’s routine to buy Slaves and then set them free.

11. He also served as a guard to protect the codex and manuscripts of Quran.

12. He was martyred by his rebels in 35 AH, when he was reciting Quran in his House. He was 84 years old.

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