6 Facts About Dome of Masjid e Nabawi You Didn’t Know About

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Dome of Masjid e Nabawi is also known as Gunbad e Khizra. There are 6 facts which will amaze you and clarify all the misconceptions about it.

1. The dome kept decorated differently with different ears

People in historical era used to decorate the tomb with silver and gold jewels. As time passed by, all of it was taken off and the grave remained the simple one. No one in the history every decorated the grave but indeed decorated the tomb. Prophet Muhammad PBUH’s grave is 2 cubits long and 41 inches high.

2. Once the Dome of Prophet Mosque was burnt

In 1481, the mosque got stuck with huge fire which almost burnt the dome of Masjid e Nawabi. Furthermore, the walls of inner chamber got affected too, which later had to reconstructed.

3. The Dome was never there, It was constructed in 678 AH

Many people think that the dome of Prophet Muhammad PBUH’s grave was always there, that’s not true!

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Photo: Abdullah Shakoor / Pixabay

The dome was first constructed in 678 AH by Al- Naasir Hasan Ibn Muhammad Qalawoon.

4. There are Special people hired for it’s cleaning

People often think that “Ordinary” people like you and me are hired for the cleaning of Chamber, but that is not true!

There are special people assigned to perform this task, Eunuchs from Abyssinia, these people live in isolation and are getting extint. Right now, only five Eunuchs left!

5. Dome’s Window mistake for a grave!

This thing on the top of the dome of Masjid e Nabawi is a window and nothing else.

grave on dome muhammad masjid nabawi
Photo: Life in Saudi Arabia

But sadly a story narrated by Sheikh Al Zubaidi, who says that a person tried to demolish the green dome, and was about to damage it as he stands over it was struck by lightening and killed the man.

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dome of masjid e nabawi
Photo: Abdullah Shakoor / Pixabay

When people observed a dead body and wanted to get rid of it, but they couldn’t so a very pious man in Madina was instructed through a dream to bury the body where it is. This story is fake and a complete lie.

6. The dome of Masjid e Nabawi was not always green!

muhammad wallpapers masjid nabwi
Photo: Abdullah Shakoor / Pixabay

The dome of Masjid e Nabwi was never always green,, it was first constructed with wood and used to be of brown color after some time it was changed to White color, then it changed to Blue and Purple and upon the orders from the Sultan of Ottoman it was given green color in 1253 AH.

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