How do the dead realize they are dead? – A Must Read!

muslim burying realize that they are dead

Have you ever wondered how the dead would realize that they are dead? In this, we will summarize the entire chapter in a few words.

When a person dies, in the beginning, he does not know that he died instead he feels himself dreaming of death and found himself weeping, bathing tangled while going into the grave.

When he is stacked upon the ground he always felt that he’s dreaming then he shouts but no one answers him.

When everyone leaves him, he is all alone underground. Then Allah puts his soul back, he opens his eyes and is awakened from his nightmare.

Now that he is awakened from his nightmare, he is all jolly and cheerful then he checks his body which is covered in a cloth.

Then he questiones in surprise asking himself where is his shirt and wheres his pants.

As he continues, he asks himself where is this place and where is he. He further asks what is he doing here and why is there a scent of mud and dirt all over.

Then he starts to notice that he is underground and whatever he experienced was not a dream then he knew he actually died.

He screams stridently as possible calling his relatives who could protect him according to him.

  • Fahad …. !!!!
  • Farwah …. !!!!
  • Tasneem …. !!!!
  • Ahmed …. !!!!
  • Khadija …. !!!!
  • Waqas …. !!!!”

When he did not receive any response he knew that GOD is his only hope right now. Then He cries and begs while requesting for forgiveness.

Yaa Allah! Yaa Allah! Forgive me Yaa Allah … !!!

He had never felt this feeling before ever in his entire life so, he shouts stridently.

If the person is good;

  • Two angels arrive with a smiling face and will sit him down, give him solace, and provide him the best service. Only if he is a good person.

If the person is bad;

  • If the person is bad then those two angels will scare him and punish him regarding his ugly deeds.

Then he begs a pardon from God and requests him to forgive his parents, wife, friends, and family.

Ya Allah, don’t take my life until I am finest and under my best to meet you.

My Brothers and sisters in Islam, you have two options now;

  • Be a great per and after reading this, make a promise to yourself that you will try and cut the bad deeds from your life and be humble with everyone from now on.
  • Share this knowledge with others, even if a single person starts going good because of your share, you will be rewarded even after your lifetime.

May Allah have his mercy on all of us, Ameen!

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