Reminder: Always Eat And Drink With Your Right Hand, It’s Sunnah!

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Right Hand is considered pure when it comes to eating and drinking. As per sunnah, every Muslim is highly encouraged to use right hand while eating and drinking. And this video tells the details of it

Are we following the guidance that we must use our right hand in eating, Are we eating like the Messenger (SAW) of the ALLAH or are we eating like the Shaytaan. The Prophet (SAW) said that if one wants to eat let him eat with his right hand and if one wants to drink let him drink with his right hand because Shaytaan eats with his left hand and drinks with his left hand, this is extremely important because how many Muslim brothers and sisters who eat and drink with their left hand which is the trait of the Shaytaan.

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We should eat and drink with our right hand and another important advice which the Prophet (SAW) gave us that when a man enters his house says BISMILLAH and starts using his right foot and when you eat your food you say BISMILLAH the Shaytaan says there is no place for you to stay and eat here and when a man does not say BISMILLAH upon entering his house the Shaytaan says to other devils that there is a place for you to stay and eat on this house, You have to think about it are you sure you want to invite the Shaytaan to your house because when you enter your house and did not say BISMILLAH then you are inviting the Shaytaan to stay with you and when you eat food and did not say BISMILLAH then you are like turning your house into a hotel for the Shaytaan come, eat, sleep and relax because the name of the ALLAH has not been mentioned.

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