Dua e Qunoot (Dua For Witr)

dua e qunoot

Salah is an excellent way to connect us with the Creator of the universe, Allah SWT. We can improve our connection with Allah through prayers and supplications.

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There are many essential constitutes to complete your salah, and one of them is Dua e Qunoot. Through Dua Qunoot, our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) taught us to show humility, obedience, and devotion to Allah Swt like many other dua.

The words “Qunoot” in Dua e Qunoot mean being obedient, or we can define it as it is the act of standing. Dua e Qunoot is the type of petition prayer that we read while we standing in Islam. For example, when you propose Witr which is Sunnah to supplicate.
And the word Dua is the Arabic word used for supplication. It also has many semantic meanings, such as obedience, humility, and devotion.

Dua e Qunoot

Dua e Qunoot

In Dua e Qunoot, we ask for blessings, guidance, and strength from Allah Swt.

In the past Prophet Muhammad recited Dua Qunoot whenever Muslims had to get through a significant difficulty or disaster. He (PBUH) recited it during Witr, Fajr, and sometimes during other prayers throughout the year.

Dua Qunut contains many benefits for us all as Muslims. As our Prophet Muhammad Saw exemplified in the past, He (PBUH) started reciting this dua whenever Muslims were in disaster or major difficulty. This dua contains several vital pleas to Allah.

Through Dua Qunoot we can supplicate to Allah Almighty should be during testing times. With us surrendering to Allah SWT when we are in difficult times, InshaAllah we’ll get through it. Allah will help us through it cause there is no help except Allah. And Allah is exalted in power. Not only that we can also show gratitude to seek protection when things are going smoothly.

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