Cristiano Ronaldo Donated 1.5 Million Dollars To Palestine For Ramadan

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The Football hero, Cristiano Ronaldo donates 1.5 million US dollars to Palestine so they can have a happy Ramadan while fighting with enemy forces.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese football star has donated $1.5 million to feed the fasting people living in the Gaza strip in Palestine. His act comes after the active charity he does for Muslims all around the world.

Currently the shining star of Juventus, Ronaldo, never hesitated to show the world that he is a Pro-Palestine, who has also expressed his support for the Muslims living in Syria and Palestine.

This act of kindness from Ronaldo has been praised all over social media, Especially Facebook and Twitter.

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Many people said that this act from Ronaldo is an epitome of kindness for all the athletics in the world.

In 2012, he also gave away his Golden Boot Award to the Real Madrid Foundation, which later auctioned and the money raised by it donated to Palestine so more schools can be built.

And later in 2013, Cristiano Ronaldo also declined to swipe the T-Shirt with an Israeli player to show support for Palestine. This incident took place in the 2014 world cup match between Portugal vs Israel.

The only survivor of Palestinian Family, 5 years old, Ahmad Baubasha was also welcomed by Ronaldo back in 2016 in training center of Real Madrid. He took a photo with the boy and gave him his shirt.

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Israel’s oppression of people living in Gaza Strip has made their living conditions worse. Many celebrities and known personalities have openly called to boycott everything that is made by Israel.

It has been years since Israel and Palestinians are involved in unrest with no result coming up after burning a lot of dead from Palestinian land.

Even just before Ramadan, Israel launched a fresh row of Air Strikes destroying houses, mosques and killing women and children.

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Bawa Osman

GOD bless Ronaldo and may continue to blossom in his footballing carrier season after season.

Christopher A Harper

God bless him and God bless the komrades in Palestine and their struggle!

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