British MP Paul Bristow Is Fasting This Ramadan To Learn Islam

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British Parliament member, Paul Bristow is fasting for a week to learn about Islam and Muslims, he belongs to Conservative Party member.

He is a conservative MP for Eastern England’s region, Peterborough. He took to twitter to post a video where he announced that he will be fasting for a week to experience what Muslims feel during this month.

He also said;

I am not a Muslim but I know it is important that I feel this feeling and share my experience, just like other 20,000 Muslims living in the Peterborough

Paul Bristow says it will help him understand what the month of Ramadan means to Muslims all around the world.

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This is the video from his second day of fasting during this month.

He is making videos daily during his fasting hours to keep the people informed. As millions of Muslims in the UK are in quarantine and fasting during the holy month of Ramadan. Usually, the month of Ramadan is like a festival for them where they worship and celebrate the end of Ramadan with Eid ul Fitr.

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Muhammad Ikram

Best MP ever
Proud to be part of his team.


Thats sound great but to fully understand it i advice to start learning quarn.

Abdool Sarar

Alhamdu Lillaah, this is truly amazing. Acts like this should not only be welcomed but encouraged. This can and would make others take a more positive interest in our Deen Al Islam. Mr. Bristol should be commended and embraced for his interest and cause for our way of life.
From the USA
Nizam Satar

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