This Is What Quran And Hadith Says About Having Tattoos On Your Body

Quran And Hadith Says About Having Tattoos
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Tattoos are the things which are clearly forbidden in Islam. As well as, tattoos are something which makes your body look ugly as they remain permanent.

Allah grants us perfect body. We don’t need to decorate it with Tattoos, surgeries and other jobs of the body. Allah made each and every parts of our body with accuracy it doesn’t need to be changed.  Allah gives us body and wanted same in the end or you can say when a person died. 

We don’t need to change our physical appearance by doing the nose, forehead and face job it’s perfect in its own and original way. Islam strictly prohibits all these kinds of attempts with our body.  

Now the question is why Tattoos is Haram and prohibited from the Islamic point of view? 

There are proper method and modern techniques for tattooing in the body. The expert uses needle with black color or may with different colors and injected into the body to make different shapes or designs. This is really a painful act. And we know that we can’t harm our body intentionally according to Islam. Then think about it how can be Tattoos is allowed? You have to aware that when you make tattoo then that part of your body or that skin is properly destroyed. You can’t even offer the prayer because of tattoos. You must be known that if we wear that t-shirts with faceprints or the picture of an animal then our prayer is not acceptable then how you can defend yourself when you have those shapes in your body and you offer the prayer? 

It’s totally useless when there are some people who take issue and say that if we can make a design with Henna in hands then why we can’t draw tattoos.? 

For God sake be aware Henna is not permanent but the Tattoos are. We can’t compare tattoos and design with Hina. Here are some references to this concept. 

quran hadith tattoos

May Allah protects all our brothers and sisters from this sin who are not aware that this is a sin and they have to keep away from it. 

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