8 Best Android and iPhone Islamic Apps & Games for Muslim Kids

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Islamic Apps Usage raises in the period of youth when one is conceived is most extreme immaculate bearing void slate, which is an ideal opportunity to strengthen Islamic lessons to illuminate kids with the celestial lessons of Islam and Quran that contains only peace and endowments.

As we recently talked about what are the things you should do when the child is born, we will talk about the nurture of the children today, by giving out best 8 Islamic apps for Android and iPhone.

Islamic Apps that merit downloading include:

8. Ayat ul Kursi

Ayat ul Kursi is one of the objectives and respectful verse of Quran that holds within itself gazillion bounties and Excellencies for the person who recounts it. This application gives a helpful stage to the children to learn and retain this to handle Allah’s countless endowments.

Availability: Android and iPhone

7. 99 Names

Allah adores when His admirers summon Him for their necessities. The delightful 99 names of Allah omnipotent holds favoring inside and Allah cherishes when Muslims call upon Him with His favored names. This App is a simple learning device for children to retain the wonderful names of Allah to praise Him and to look for His gifts.

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Availability: Android and iPhone

6. 6 Kalma

For entering in the cover of Islam, one must give testimony Allah is one and there is no Prophet yet Muhammad (PBUH). This 6 kalma App covers every one of the six noteworthy kalmas to announce the unity of Allah Almighty which is the impressive piece of Tawheed.

Availability: Android and iPhone

5. Step by Step Salah

Salah is a custom that is mandatory upon each rational and sound Muslim once reaches to adulthood. Salah Application offices the child with the significance of supplications along steps beginning from bathing to the Sajud. The silver coating of this Application lies in the lessons of Salah as per the sexual orientation and time for five mandatory petitions.

Availability: Android

4. Noorani Qaida

Noorani Qaida is the initial step to make kid recognizable of Quran. For the fledglings, this App holds advantages since it is planned in an approach to bound children to the screen along synchronous learning of the letters in order of Arabic dialect basis for the learning of Quran. This App, in short, is an ideal Islamic guide with which you can make your child recognizable along advantageous learning.

Availability: Android and iPhone

3. 10 Surahs for Kids

Surahs are portrayals from the Divine book of Quran that holds mitigating power for reinforcing one’s confidence upon Allah. This Android App incorporates last 10 Surahs from Quran that are enhanced in favors and will shower endowments upon the Muslims who will learn them. The best piece of this application is that it highlights the prizes of every specific Surah identified with it thus strengthening the significance and essentialness for the children.

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Availability: Android and iPhone

2. Kids Dua Now – Word by Word

Dua is conjuring Allah for one’s cataclysms and calling Him for the agonies. This App incorporates supplications of everyday routine life that have separated into gatherings as per the age from simple retention to bit troublesome. Application fuses interpretation of Duaas along transliteration for simple remembrance of supplications.

Availability: Android and iPhone

1. LilMuslim

LilMuslim is an Islamic App that sets out learning of beginning Arabic letter sets important to learn earlier taking in the holy disclosure of Quran. Quran typified answers for all issues and to think about its implications learning Arabic is an unquestionable requirement thing. Arabic contains Tajweed and for Tajweed LilMuslim is the best App.

Availability: Android

Share these best Islamic Apps to your Brothers and Sisters!

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