Saudi Arabia Imposes Ban On Touching The Holy Kaaba During Hajj 2020

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During Hajj, the pilgrims would have to go through some barriers including a ban on touching the Holy Kaaba or the Blackstone.

The Kingdom of Saudia created some rules to avoid the widespread of the pandemic for 2020’s Hajj. It further restricted the pilgrims to meet and gather along with each other, as per their state news.

These are more restriction among the ban on touching the holy Kaaba;

  1. Entrance without permissions would be called off for the Holy sites from 28 Dhul Qadah to 12 Dhul Hijjah.
  2. Pilgrims with doubtful symptoms would be living separately with the same suspects in a separate area.
  3. Volunteers or laborers on having any symptoms would be denied from working.
  4. Masks are mandatory for every worker and pilgrim
  5. Everyone would maintain a physical distance of 1.5 meters.
  6. Sharing of personnel items or tools would be forbidden.
  7. Congregational prayers can be followed only by wearing masks and maintaining a physical distance.
  8. Pilgrims are also forbidden to touch the Blackstone or the Kabah.
  9. During Tawaaf also, the physical distance would be maintained.
  10. The pebbles to stone would be pre-packed.
  11. The food of Muzdalifa and Arafat would also be pre-packed.
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Touching the holiest site, i.e. the Kabah, won’t be allowed this year during the Hajj. Besides, the space of a meter and half would be followed to stay socially distant during the rituals and the whole time. These rituals maintain congregational prayers and circling the Kabah area.

Moreover, permissions to the Holy areas at Arafat, Muzdalifah, and Mina would be restricted to the ones maintaining the Hajj permission to take place from the 19th of July till the 2nd of August. Wearing masks are considered mandatory for the workers and the pilgrims.

Hajj is an obligation to be followed by every healthy Muslim. Each year, around 2.5 million Muslims visit the Holiest areas located within Makkah and Madina.

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