Armenia Destroyed 90% of Mosques in Karabakh Region in Azerbaijan

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More than 63 mosques in Karabakh out of 67 have been completely destroyed by Armenian forces in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, while 4 mosques have been partially destroyed, as reported by ANAS (Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences).

The data was obtained after Armenian forces surrendered and given all the control of the Nagorno Karabakh to Azerbaijan, the data was compiled under the watch of UNESCO.

About 215 historical and cultural monuments were damaged in Shusha as reported by the Chairman of the Public Union for Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments, Faig Ismayilov, who also works for the Institute of Law and Human Rights of the ANAS.

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Azerbaijan will rebuild the damaged mosques and repair the partially damaged ones, as told by Ismayilov. He further added that the damage to the other monuments has also caused the loss of billions of dollars to the country.

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Joomratee R A

Someday they will have to answer before Allah and pay for their acts.

A Shabbir Ahmed

It has been established in history that for every Masjid the infidels raze to the ground, Allah will ensure that multiple Masjids are raised. As it has happened in the case of the Babri Masjid demolition.

The then Hindu fanatic Balbir Singh, who was misled by the hindutva brigade,later repented for his role in the demolition, and reverted to Islam and became Muhammad Amir. He has helped build 90 plus Masjids in India since 1992 and still continues his noble work.

This is How Allah’s Plan Works.

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