Pakistani Muslim Creates Anti Blue Whale Challenge App To Counter Suicides

This can be a game changer!
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Blue Whale Challenge is on the rise as many teenagers around the world playing this game and end up taking their own lives.

In one of our posts, we discussed what is a Blue Whale Game, and today a Pakistani Muslim guy, Waseem gul has created an app, which will counter the Blue Whale Challenge and make this world a better place.

Waseem Gul is an 18 years old entrepreneur who created the app. In 2013, he created an app (Watch and Earn), through this the audience can earn just by watching videos on their smartphones. His app claimed almost 150,000 users all around the world and earned him 1 million Pakistani rupees from that simple app. Due to some technical stuff he had discontinued this app, and created another app with same concept “Gul Soft – Watch and Earn”

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This Anti Blue Whale Challenge App is against Blue Whale game, this app will help convince people not to commit suicide. This app will be awarding the person about the importance of life. The design of this app is similar to original blue whale challenge game but the tasks are completely different and positive!

The game link is given in the comment box!

Waseem Gul researched about Blue Whale Challenge and realized how a simple game can take a person’s life so instead, he made his own app so he can make a better place to live.

What’s inside the app??

Here are the following tasks are given in this app;

  1. Do ten pushups
  2. Wake up early and pray Fajr.
  3. Do a little exercise when you wake up.
  4. Be good to your best friends.
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Many more tasks like these!

We liked the idea he implemented, this app will change many lives if being followed the same way they followed that blue whale challenge app. His efforts should be appreciated.


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