American Tourist, Steve Accepts Islam On The Hands of Sheikh Al Sudais

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Makkah: Steve, an American tourist from Miami, converted to Islam at the hands of Imam of Kaaba Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais.

Inspired by Islamic teachings, Steve, an American tourist from Miami, in Makkah, had the good fortune to convert to Islam at the hands of Shaykh-ur-Rehman Al-Sudais and entered the realm of Islam after reciting the Kalima Shahadat. Sheikh Al-Sudais congratulated the American tourist on his conversion to Islam and hugged him.

Expressing his feelings on the occasion, American tourist Steve said that he was thankful to Allah for enlightening him about the truth of Islam and helping him to become his servant. He said he is thankful to Sheikh Al-Sudais and other scholars without whom it was not possible to travel from darkness to light.

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Steve, a New-Muslim American traveler, added that he was impressed by the level of tolerance and peaceful coexistence between people of different faiths in the country and then wandered in search of truth and light. He said he is thankful to Sheikh Al-Sudais who taught me Islamic teachings.

Imam of Kaaba Shaykh-ur-Rehman Al-Sudais said that now both me and Steve, a new Muslim, are brothers in Islam. Sheikh Al-Sudais also advised Steve to perform Umrah and visit the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina.

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Mashaa Allaah Steve, Mabrook. May Allaah SWT’s mercy’s always be with you and may he increase you and every Muslim in knowledge and Taqwaa with every passing day ~ ASA

Joomratee R A

Best decision ever for man. Mashaa Allah

Fazeela Bhola

Just wondering Steve was a tourist in SA how did he get into Mecca when tourist are only allowed to be in Jeddah maybe I am misinformed

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