About 162,159 Hajj Pilgrims Have Arrived In Madinah, Saudi Arabia

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162,159 Hajj Pilgrims have been welcomed with open hands as they touched down in Madinah, Saudi Arabia to complete their Hajj 2018.

Madinah has welcomed about 162,159 hajj pilgrims updated by Sunday, as per the statistics from the National Adilla Establishment, The saudi agency in supervision in communicating pilgrims movements.

As per the Saudi Agency, 38,318 Pilgrims belongs to Turkey, 34,965 pilgrims belongs to Indonesia, 25,267 pilgrims belongs to India, 21,585 belongs to Pakistan whereas 10,518 is from Afghanistan.

A number of 24,450 hall pilgrims are scheduled to arrive on Tuesday. The count includes 6,877 will be from Indonesia, 3,550 will be from Pakistan, 4,865 will be from India and 1,710 will be from Nigeria. Furthermore, 45 Percent of Private housing are already reseved.

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The saudi agency’s chairman, Mr. Hatem Bali has claimed that the agency has started serving pilgrims from the beginning of July to September 26.

More than 1.9 milliong hajj pilgrims are expected to perform and arrive in Hajj season in 2018 and he further said he is trying best to serve the guests of Allah.

Hatem Bali said that the saudi agency is spreading the knowledge about how to perform hajj and health issues during pilgrimage as per the direction of Prince Faisal Bin Salman, who is the governor of Madinah city and the currenty chairman of the Central Hajj Comitte, as well as his deputy Prince Saud Bin Khaled Al Faisal.

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