14 Years Old Muslim Girl Badly Beaten By Girls In Her School In America

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America is a super power of the world. The previous presidency was the best ever because Barak Obama gave security to all minorities. But now in Donald Trump times these securities become insecurities.

This presidency works on racism and specially in case of Muslim. The new slogan of this presidency is ” Make America Great again”. But actually, it will never work due to racist behavior. And here is the recent example of brutality of American presidency towards Muslims.

14 years old Muslim girl Mannal Munshi was brutally beaten up by American fellow girls in her high school for being Muslim. As we know that now the trump policies are too strict for Muslims. So, all Muslims are now humiliated by Americans or may be by just Trump’s supporters. In case of this girl, she openly showed that she is Muslim so she was bullied on daily basis in inhumane manners by so called educated racist girls.

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Her father took note of it and posted whole story on the most famous social media platform Facebook and ask for justice. Here are the words which was posted by her father.

manaal munshi

According to her father one day she decided to talk face to face to those bullies to clear her point of view and she treated like animal as a result. They kicked and punched her until she fell to the ground.

As in the world of technology where everyone is busy to record the incident in cell phones rather than to help. So, someone shoot the video of this incident, and her mother got the video to make this the evidence and called the US Police to take the action. Now her parents are waiting for justice from the US Government.

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Watch it here:

So, Point is when we say that US is safest place to live then how can we forget this kind of behavior specially towards Muslims and Pakistanis. And when we say that US is advance and liberal country then why we don’t consider that ” what are they teaching in their schools to the young generation?” Is teaching racist behavior called modernization and liberalization? Honestly, in these days Muslims feels safer in their own countries rather than to live in US.

Photo Credit: Canoe/RT

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