10 Must Do Things To Do In The First 10 Days of Dhul Hijjah

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Dhul Hijjah –  first 10 days are more beloved to Allah than these ten days as per Sahih Bukhari Hadith.

The latter 10 nights of Ramadan are the greatest nights of the year and the first 10 days of Dhul Hijjah are the greatest days of the year. Here are 10 stuff a person can do to mark the maximum out of these greatest days whether you are going to perform Hajj or not!

1. Always Remember Allah

Muslims on Hajj will be praying the talbiyah. If you are not, pray the following in the initial 10 days of Dhul-Hijjah:


2. Give Charity

Open-handed charity in these sacred times is very rewarding. Attempt to provide to as numerous diverse causes as you can even if it is a small quantity.

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You can also find some ways to give charity without money.

3. Must Fast On The day of Arafah

Fasting 10 days Dhul Hijjah Hadith
Source: Muslim

4. Pray Salaatul Duha

Initiate a practice of offering the voluntary 2 rakah salah in the middle of sunrise and Dhuhr each day throughout these ten days.

Salaatul Duha 10 days Dhul Hijjah Hadith
Source: Bukhari

5. Give Eid Gifts To Your Neighbours

Make your Eid gifts for your fellow citizen and take benefit of the additional rewards throughout these holy days.

neighbors 10 days Dhul Hijjah Hadith
Source: Muslim

6. Make Dua

Make as much dua as you can throughout these sacred days, particularly on the day of Arafah. The finest dua is that which is completed on the day of Arafah:

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Source: Tirmidhi

7. Perform Hajj If Your Are Financially Stable or Make Intentions To Perform It Next Year

One of the highest activities that can be complete throughout these 10 days is to Hajj which starts on 8th Dhul Hijjah. If you can’t go this year, make the intent throughout these blessed 10 days to visit next year.

Source: Bukhari

8. Be Extra Gentle When You Meet People

Good manners hadiths
Source: Tirmidhi

9. Perform Qurbani (Zabihah)

Do the Qurbani and support feed poor people around the world.

Qurbani (Zabihah) HADITHS
Source: Ahmed

10. Motivate Other To Do Good Deeds

Share this information with your family and friends circle and motivate them to do good activities during these 10 blessed days.


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