Study Suggests That Boys Suffer More Online Sex Abuse Than Girls

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The Interpol and Ecpat have reported that boys make up nearly a third of child sex abuse images over the internet, in a press conference in Belgium – which makes this situation more worrisome than previously thought.

The study goes further by saying that younger individuals are more at risk of being abused, instead of older ones as assumed before. Hence, infants and toddlers make up most of the victims of online sex abuse.

The study also postulates what type of sexual cybercrime that the children face. These include nudity, erotic posing, explicit sexual activity, sadism, bestiality and stabbings of various degrees.

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The Interpol’s coordinator for crimes against juveniles, Bjorn Sellstrom, called the general public for their attention about describing the abuses by saying that such crimes are not child pornography but evidence of flagrant crimes.

The International Child Sexual Exploitation database, set up around 10 years ago, contains data about 12000 victims. Bjorn Sellstrom thinks that there are much more than this figure as less than half of the world’s countries are connected to the database excluding Africa and most Asian countries. The software compares media such as photos and videos to identify criminals and the places they operate. Around 50% of the files in the database display identified children, while the rest remain unknown: 64.8% of the unidentified victims were girls whilst 31.1% were boys. It is also noted that when boys were identified in the abuse, the latter is probably more serious.

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The Interpol and Ecpat made an appeal for several countries and several stakeholders, including members of the civil society, the media, academia, and government to participate to help circumvent this societal problem.



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