Saudi Government Removes SR 2,000 Visa Fee For People Performing Second Umrah

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For people performing Umrah for the second time had to give an additional SR 2,000 Visa Fee, but now they don’t have to give it anymore.

Do I have to give additional SR 2,000 Visa Fee for performing Umrah for second time?

No, You don’t have to pay SR. 2,000 Visa Fee even if you’re performing Umrah for second time.

Saudi Government is unifying the price for Umrah, Hajj and Visit visas very soon, the price will be SR 300 for each.

Dr. Muhammad Saleh Benten, Minister of Hajh and Umrah, while thanking King Salman and Prince Muhammad Bin Salman for restructing the Hajj and Umrah fee.

Dr. Muhammad Saleh Benten said that this step has been taken to ensure that as many Muslims can attend Hajj and Umrah.

This decision has been taken as it was the main goal of Vision 2030 of Saudi Arabia.


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