Saudi Police Arrested a Gang Making Fake Kiswa (Kaaba Covers)

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Saudi Police arrested 20 people from a building who were making Fake Kiswa (Holy Kaaba Cover) and were selling it a higher price tag.

Scammers belonging from Asian countries found a new way to scam people in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These people belong from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

According to the media reports, these people were making the fake Kiswa (Cover of the holy Kaaba), they were scamming people by selling it at a higher cost by telling people it is real kiswa.

al atibiyah
Facebook/Life in Saudi Arabia

A video went viral which showed these people making fake Kiswa and setting the higher price to be sold in the market. The video can be seen below;

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Reporter Raid Samarkandi told the media that Saudi Municipality raided a building in the area called Al-Atibiyah after the people told them about the activities taking place in the building. The police have arrested about 20 people belonging from Asian countries including India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

fake kiswa
Facebook/Life in Saudi Arabia

At the time of raid, these people were busy in creating Kiswa by engraving Quranic verses on it to make it look real. The group also includes women as well.

fake kiswah factory
Facebook/Life in Saudi Arabia

Saudi municipality further told there there are many scammers in Saudi Arabia who are making fake Kiswa and selling it at a higher price. Also ensured that Saudi police is doing their best to capture these sort of scammers.

replica of kiswah
Facebook/Life in Saudi Arabia

This incident shaked Muslims as they Kiswa is a very sacred thing for them as it is the cover on the house of Allah SWT.

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We urge you to share this on your social media profiles so you can aware your fellow Muslim brothers and sisters so they don’t fall under this fraud. And they refrain from buying such a thing.

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