Restaurant Owner In Singapore Takes His Employees For Umrah For Free

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Restaurant Owner closed his restaurant for 10 days as he took his 27 employees for umrah without charging them any cost. SubhanAllah!

This restaurant is so famous that people come from far away to eat their main meals here, the owner had put up this picture on the door of his restaurant so people do not come all the way to eat during these ten days.

Singapore Restaurant Owner umrah free

Everyone was shocked to realize that this restaurant is open 7 days a week. And many people were wondering why would someone close a running restaurant for 10 days!

Zam Zam management later declared that the restaurant owner had taken all the employees for Umrah.

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The owner claimed that he had been saving up all this money for about 3 years. And later, he used this money to take 27 employees to Umrah as a Thank you note and a Gift for their hard work. He says, that all of his employees work with full dedication, so this is his gift for all of his employees.

A total of $84,000 had been cost to the Restaurant Owner

This included ticket, visa, food and hotel expenditures. Zackeer Khan the restaurant’s manager says that this restaurant started in 1908. And since then Employees have been tirelessly working for the betterment of the business.

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singapore restaurant 27 employees umrah

The oldest among the group of employees is a 60 years old man. All of the employees were happy to receive this beautiful gift. This has never been done by any business before, as this restaurant took a beautiful initiative.

Employees have been seen in this picture having a smile on their faces and looking pleased that their boss gave them the best thing in their life.

photo of 27 employees singapore restaurant owner umrah

Many of the employees have served different companies but they claim that they have never come across such a humble person as their boss is.

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