You Will Be Closer To Allah By Reciting This Before Jummah Prayer

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Jummah Prayer is one of the most important thing in the Islamic religion. We do not know that this day contains many hidden treasure which today we will try to unveil.

In a week there are 7 days and the king among these days is the day of Jummah. People get a lot of rewards by the holiness of this day. Our Prophet PBUH has said, “Among all the days, Jummah is the best day among them. And do recite Durood Shareed, because the amount of Durood Shareef you will recite on this day will directly come to me.”

Usually during Jummah Prayers, everything is operational from Offices to Shopping malls and shopping places. Whoever well prepares for Jummah Salah, and recite Durood Shareef before Jummah Namaz will be getting highly rewards in front of Allah as well as his last prophet Muhammad PBUH.

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Furthermore, when you leave house to go to mosque rather than talking to your friends or anything make sure you recite this immensly, “Subhan Allah Wabihamdi hi Subhan Allah Hil azeem” then angels welcome that person in Mosque with all of their open arms.

This increases the wisdom as well as the spirituality of a Muslim. as well as it make a Muslim more humble as well as make this person fear less and secure from all kind of harm. As well as, this person comes under Allah’s protection and he becomes so humble that he believes in Allah and believes in whatever Allah decides for him. Moreover, that person becomes Allah’s favourite person.

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People usually spend their Jummah day in just talking and having fun without taking advantage of this spiritual day. Allah says whoever loves Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) loves me! then can’t we take out some time to recite Durood Shareef for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)?


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