Listen To The Oldest Quran Recitation Ever Recorded, Over 100 Years Old

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Oldest Quran Recitation every recorded, this was recorded in 1885 by Christiaan Snouck Hurgronje when he visited the Makkah, he took photos and recorded this recitation.

Fascinating to think that at the time of this recording none of the 7 billion people alive today existed on this earth! And every person from the time of this recording has returned to Allah. Subhan Allah!

This is beautiful, subhanallah. Just the mere fact that Islam existed hundreds of years ago, and in fact for 1400 years, that Islam was a lifestyle and religion for so many for centuries, and knowing it still remains in many hearts today… it’s just amazing.

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One more evidence for the disbelievers that the Quran has never been changed, not even a single letter.

Listening to this and realizing that we recite the exact same words in the exact same manner. Only God has protected his book from corruption!

Regardless of the bad audio quality the man u can tell has a legendary voice and recites with heart. That’s the Quran… Never has been changed since the first time it was revealed to mankind. SubhanAllah! Allah has protected the Quran in every way, even in the style of recitation. Only Allah can do that.

If you read Christiaan Snouck Hurgronje biography, he was a very deceptive person. He might be recorded the oldest Quran recitation audio recording, but he pretended to be a Muslim to gain access to Mekah, to spy on the Acehnese on hajj pilgrim (in an effort to to help Dutch East Indies win over Muslims in Aceh holy war 1873–1904).

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