Saudi Arabia speaks against Israel, says vows to stop Israeli attacks in Palestine

Saudi Arabia speaks against Israel

During a ministers council meeting chaired virtually by King Salman, Saudi Arabia announces this statement. They also discussed preserving security and stability for Sudan, also its well-being.

Saudi Arabia reaffirmed that their vows to stop Israeli attacks at all levels would be realized by communicating with active parties. The Kingdom also states that it will find a fair settlement for the issue that occurred in Palestine and vowed to pressure Israeli governments.
Saudi Arabia publicly announces this statement during a council of ministers meeting chaired virtually by King Salman.

Several regional and international developments and political issues were also being reviewed at this meeting by the council.
The conversations between Saudi Arabia and several countries have also been informed to the cabinet.

According to the Acting Minister of Information Majid Al-Qasabi, the cabinet also expressed that the Kingdom will continue to support all the effort to preserve and stabilise Sudan’s well-being and get back to the international community for its natural place.

The council of ministers welcomed the International Conference on Sudan in Paris, which resulted in the decision that Saudi Arabia had initiated a grant to cover some part of the financing gap for Sudan at the International Monetary Fund.

The cabinet has renewed the commitment of the Kingdom at the Paris conference. Basically, it’s about their promise to continue as a lead role in development and investment promotion in the African continent. And also their support for the efforts to preserve foundations for the security, stability and conflict resolutions, and the fight in Sahel and Sahara countries against extremism and terrorist groups.

The Kingdom had also discussed the local and international developments in the coronavirus pandemic and the efforts to lower the epidemiological curve causes in the Kingdom said Al Qasabi. He added that several centres had administered more than 13 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine across Saudi Arabia.

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