Russia Builds Housing For Gaza Refugees

Russia extends financial and social support to Palestinian refugees.
Syrian refugee camp
Julie Ricard

The Chechen Republic in China has launched a project to build shelters for Palestinians escaping Gaza.

In the recent turn of events and considering the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, Russia’s Chechen Republic has taken a commendable step forward. They are not only constructing apartments for Palestinians fleeing the violence but also extending financial and social support to those in need.

To provide shelter to the affected refugees in Palestine the leader of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov announced the initiative of building large-scale projects that include the construction of shelters for the affected individuals. The revelation was made on Wednesday and gained significant support

In the ceremony, Mr. Kadyrov marked the project commencement and informed the public that the project would consist of 5 blocks with 35 apartments each.

Notably, these living spaces will be strategically located near a school and a nursery, ensuring easy access to education and childcare facilities for the refugee children.
Kadyrov expressed his joy for the refugees who will soon find peace in their new homes, assuring continued comprehensive assistance and support.

The financial backing for this altruistic endeavor comes from a regional charity, which, in addition to the housing, will provide each refugee family with 100,000 rubles ($1,120) to aid in their settlement.

Many refugees have already integrated into the local healthcare sector through employment opportunities, and efforts are underway to organize Russian language classes for them.

In a display of solidarity, the Chechen Republic has allocated a huge amount for humanitarian aid to Gaza and the resettlement of refugees. According to Chechen officials, over 200 Palestinians have sought refuge in Chechnya, escaping the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

It is worth noting that since the outbreak of hostilities on October 7, Russia has opened its doors to a total of 1,158 refugees from Gaza.

The root cause of the conflict traces back to when Israel initiated airstrikes and a ground invasion of Gaza, accompanied by a near-total blockade enforced by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Residents of northern Gaza were urged to evacuate.

The Gaza Health Ministry, under the administration of Hamas, reports a grim toll of over 23,000 Palestinian lives lost in the conflict.

The United Nations, in a recent statement, highlighted the staggering impact on the population, revealing that nearly 1.9 million people, constituting more than 85% of Gaza’s inhabitants, have been displaced due to the violence.

This initiative by the Chechen Republic stands as a light ray amid the challenging circumstances faced by the displaced Palestinians.

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