Ruby Jesiah Mesu, Netherlands’ Boxing Champion Converts to Islam

Ruby Jesiah Mesu

It is a harsh reality that all over the world Muslims are not well-liked and most of the people specified in the west consider Muslims as extremists and fundamentalists.

There is still a misconception that non-Muslims are forced by Muslims to convert to Islam. This has changed the view of how other people view Islam. Despite this, Islam is still respected by most of the non-muslims and some can also willingly convert to Islam.

Dutch boxer from the Netherland, Ruby Jesiah Mesu has converted to Islam. This news was announced by her in an official account on Instagram.

Ruby Jesiah Mesu has converted to Islam

Originally Mesu was a Christian but she very inspired by the teachings of Islam. The boxer further stated that she felt very proud to be officially converted to Islam after practicing Islam for years.

The ceremony of Mesu converting to Islam took place in the Netherlands inside a mosque. Moreover, she added that she took the shahada by herself.

The boxing star from the Netherlands was congratulated by the Muslims for converting to Islam. It is good to see a highly prominent sportswoman accepting Islam and being a global ambassador.

Ruby was welcomed to Islam by several Muslim social media users all over the world. Most of the Muslims were happy about her decision and send her well wishes for becoming successful and achieving prosperity in life.

There are also other non-muslims who converted to Islam.

Wilhelm Ott has announced that he has converted to Islam earlier this year in April 2020. Ott is a professional MMA mix martial arts fighter belonging to Austria. It was revealed by the fighter that he found his faith in Islam during the lockdown of covid 19.

Rosie Gabrielle from Canada is a solo female adventurer who converted to Islam while on her tour to Pakistan in 2018. She stated that she got inspired by the kindness and the treatment of Muslim people.

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