Redevil Rapper Supports Palestine During His Concert

Rapper Redevil’s support for Palestinians amplifies the ongoing debate on the Israeli war on Gaza.
Image Credit: Instagram

NEW YORK – The 19-year-old American rapper honored the children killed in the Israeli attack by displaying their names on the screen at the Camp Flog Gnaw festival in Los Angeles.

Amid the Israeli war on Gaza that has shaken the world, Redevil, a 19-year-old famous American rapper, took a stand for the innocent lives lost in Gaza. During the Camp Flog Gnaw festival at Los Angeles’ Dodgers Stadium on Sunday, Redveil displayed a scrolling list of the names of Palestinian children who fell victim to the violence since October 7, 2023.

The video that circulated on social media captured the emotional gesture of the rapper, pointing to the rapidly moving list projected behind him. Redevil declared to a cheering audience that the names were of the ones killed in Gaza due to Israeli attacks, and none of them made it to the age of 4.

The rapper passionately called for empathy, stating that any human being can feel the pain of lost lives. He further informed the audience to go to the website, call the respective representatives, and demand a ceasefire in Palestine.

The context of Redevil’s act stems from the devastating Israeli war on Gaza. Israeli attacks have claimed 11,000 lives, almost 4000 of them children. Moreover, as per reports, two-thirds of people in the densely populated city of Gaza have been displaced from their homes by the Israeli military campaign.

The impact on innocent civilians, particularly children, has drawn attention and concern from the international community.

The Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival, held at Dodger Stadium and streamed on Amazon Prime and Twitch, became a platform to express opinions on the conflict. While some advocate for the protection of innocent civilians and an immediate ceasefire, the entertainment industry remains divided on the issue, with differing stances on supporting either the Palestinian cause or Israel’s right to defend itself.

In this crucial moment, Redevil’s heartfelt tribute to the Palestinian children adds a voice to the ongoing conversation surrounding the conflict in the Middle East.

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