Israeli Soldier Sing In Mic of Mosque In West Bank

After the video showing Israeli soldiers singing, mocking, and disrespectfully trampling on the mosque with the shoes circulated, severe outrage and condemnation have sparked among Muslims
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Image from Sky News

PALESTINE – Israeli soldiers singing and mocking Islamic call to prayer in a mosque in Jenin has caused outrage.

A video has been circulating all over social media that displays Israeli soldiers singing and mocking the Islamic call to prayers in a mosque in Jenin. The video and the act displayed by the soldiers have sparked outrage among Muslims and Palestinians.

The incident took place during a series of raids carried out by the Israel Defense Forces in the occupied West Bank. The raids have also resulted in the deaths of 12 innocent lives.

The video clearly shows that an Israeli soldier is reciting a Jewish prayer in the style of an Islamic call to prayer to mock the Muslims. Moreover, in another clip, a soldier can be heard singing a Jewish festival Song through a loudspeaker and that too in the minaret. Added to this the soldiers can be seen disrespectfully trampling on the mosque with shoes.

The actions of the IDF have received severe condemnation from the Palestinian foreign ministry. It claimed that the act was indeed a violation of Human rights and international laws and called on the international community to hold Israel Accountable for its violations and brutal killings.

The incident came amid the wave of violence in the West Bank. According to sources 275 Palestinians have been killed in the West Bank.

Moreover, the raid was so severe that the ambulances weren’t even allowed to enter the camp. Witnesses also described gunmen exchanging fire and army bulldozers damaging streets and water pipes. 

It is worth noting that the raids started in the region as a result of the devastating war between Israel and Hamas which started back in October 2023. The horrific war has claimed thousands of lives, mainly women and children. Added to this the severe airstrikes by the Israeli forces on Gaza have resulted in 25,000 children being orphaned in the city.

As the attacks and mockings worsen, the Muslim community looks up to the International forum and the International community to call for an immediate Ceasefire and take action against the violations.

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