Israel Has All The Rights to Own It’s Land, Says Saudi Crown Prince

Israel Has All The Rights to Own It's Land, Says Saudi Crown Prince
Photo Credits: Wikimedia

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The Israelis, as well as the Palestinians, have “the right” for their country, the Saudi ruler declared in a statement that is a new sign of approaching Israel.

In a conversation released on Monday by the Atlantic magazine The Atlantic, which was held on the occasion of his trip to the United States that has not yet been completed, Muhammad bin Salman points out that there is no “religious allegiance” to the Israeli state.

Responding to the question of whether the Jewish people had the right to a national state at least in the country of their ancestors, he said: “I think every nation, wherever it is, has the right to live peacefully in its own state. the country, “returned” MBS “, the new first man of Riyadh, in that conversation before the latest tensions in the Gaza Strip.

“But we need to have a peace deal to ensure stability and normal relations for all,” he added, at a time when the Donald Trump administration should present its plan for a political solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The thirty-two-year-old prince says that it is only the “religious question” that Saudians are tormenting the fate of Plato’s mosque in eastern Jerusalem, which Israel has also annexed to “Palestinian rights.” “Our country has no problems with the Jews,” said the prince who wants to modernize the Mohair.

It seems that the Sunni monarchy is increasingly approaching Israel, especially because of its common enemy in the region, Shiite Iran. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently said to his country that he is “a necessary ally” of Arab countries that disagree with Tehran.

The White House counts on bringing Israel and Saudi closer to change relations in the region at a time when Palestinian leaders no longer want Americans to mediate in peace talks after Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem’s Israeli capital.

“Israel is a big economy” with “accelerated growth” and “of course we have a lot of common interests with Israel,” Mohamed bin Salman said again criticizing the Iranian leader, leader Ali Hamne, whose territorial aspirations compared with those of Adolf Hitler in Nazis.

“Compared to the Iranian supreme leader, Hitler seems gentle,” he said. “Hitler wanted to conquer Europe,” and “the supreme leader wants to conquer the world,” he said.

Photo Credits: Wikimedia

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