Israel Plans To Create Palestinian-Free Gaza Strip, Advertises Houses

The article reports on an advertisement published by an Israeli construction company offering new houses on the beach in the Gaza Strip, and highlights the audience’s reaction to the recent advertisement.
Israel Plans To Create Palestinian-Free Gaza Strip, Advertises Houses
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GAZA: Israeli construction company, Hari Zahav’s recent online advertisement has sparked outrage as the post promoted the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians from the Gaza Strip and celebrated Israeli’s settlement on the location.

Hari Zahav, an Israeli company has posted an online advertisement that promotes ethnic cleansing and killing of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip. The advertisement has sparked outrage among the Pro Palestinian supporters as it is uploaded amid the ongoing Israeli blockade and siege of the Gaza Strip.

The advertisement offered new buildings and houses on the beach of the Gaza Strip after what they call the “invaders” Palestinians are expelled and the “kidnapped” Israelis are back.

Hari Zahav
Image Credit: Hari Zahav

The continuous Israeli attacks have not only claimed thousands of lives but have caused a severe humanitarian crisis. The Gaza Strip was under Hamas control since 2007. According to the United Nations around 80% of the population depends on Humanitarian aid in Gaza and more than half live in poverty.

More than 25000 children have been left orphaned due to the violence between Israel and Hamas and thousands of others are severely injured. The Israeli airstrikes are destroying homes, and infrastructure leaving behind rubble and destruction. 

The advertisement which enjoys and celebrates the cleansing of Palestinians has been condemned by human rights groups and even International communities who have accused the company of promoting violence, bloodshed, hatred, and racism. 

The advertisement is indeed a violation of international law and a clear sign of Israel’s intention to colonize the Gaza Strip.

Many individuals have called the advertisement completely disgusting. The violence and bloodshed in the city calls for the international community to intervene and stop the Israeli aggression against the innocent Palestinians.

Though no comments have been received from the Israeli government, the company’s website and social media are completely active and the advertisement has not been removed. The company has neither commented nor responded or clarified about the advertisement.

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