Indian-made Killer Drones Are Being Used In Gaza

Concerns regarding Indian-made drone, as Indian activists claim that these drone are being used to attack Gaza in Palestine.
Elbit hermes 900
Photo: USA Weekly

Indian activists urge the government of India to cut military ties with Israel.

A group of Indian activists has raised concerns over the country’s defense relationship with Israel. They fear that combat drones produced in India may soon be utilized in military operations in Gaza.

This report has resulted in widespread criticism as Indian activists have claimed that there are high chances of these drones being linked to the ongoing violence in Gaza, which has resulted in the death of over 31,000 Palestinians and the displacement of an estimated 1.7 million people.

India’s Adani Group behind the making of killer drones

The drones were produced by Adani Elbit which is a joint venture between Israeli defense firm and Adani Group. As per reports received around 20 Elbit Hermes 900 drones have been provided to the Israeli military in a month.

However, it is worth noting that it is the first time that these drones have been produced externally.

hermes 900 death drone
Photo: The Sun

The Human Rights Forum strongly opposed these actions and called on the Indian government to immediately terminate all military agreements with Israel. India’s historical ties with Israel are robust, with substantial purchases of military hardware over the past decade.

V.S. HRF’s Krishna emphasizes India’s moral obligation to condemn Israel’s actions and change its policy towards Palestine. Historically, India has supported Palestine and this should be reflected in its actions today as per Krishna’s statement.

Pamela Philipose, a journalist, has underlined India’s historical support for Palestinians and has urged the Indian public to pay attention to the ongoing crisis.

She criticized the export of drones to Israel, emphasizing the need for India to stand against the violence in Gaza.

Aban Raza, an activist, condemned India’s complicity in Israel’s actions and called for an immediate end to all ties with Israel, especially in the military sector. Raza insisted on the need for humanitarian aid for Gaza and stressed the urgency of the situation.

The situation in Gaza, which has caused extensive damage to infrastructure and civilian areas, has prompted India to reassess its position and renew its historical support for Palestinian rights.

Prominent figures and civil organizations in India have been called upon to advocate a re-examination of the issue and stress the need for moral and political change in light of the ongoing crisis.

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