Antoine Griezmann Cuts Ties with Huawei after Uighur Muslim Data Scandal

Antoine Griezmann

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French national team player and Barcelona striker Antoine Griezmann have announced that he is cutting ties with the Chinese company Huawei for spying on Uighur Muslim spying on them for their arrest.

Huawei spied on Uighur Muslims and helped Chinese authorities to arrest them to send them to reeducation camps in Xinjiang.

He said in an instagram post;

United Nations has also announced that more than one million Uighurs have been taken to these reeducation camps in the western province of Xinjiang.

This statement comes after Huawei used facial recognition data to help Chinese authorities to identify each one of the Uighur Muslim.

Antoine Griezmann has been Huawei’s brand ambassador since 2017.

Jewher Ilham, who is a Uighur activist says he has “Huge Respect” for Griezmann for taking such a bold step. He also praised Zara Larsson and Mesut Ozil for standing up for Uighurs.

Although China keeps denying the accusations and justifying the reeducation camps by calling it “fight against terrorism”.

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