Over 3,600 Palestinian Children Killed By Israeli Bombing

3,600 children lost their lives in the Gaza genocide.
man picking up palestinian child from rublle
Image Credit: AP

The ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict has resulted in countless injuries and thousands of deaths, including toddlers and talented youngsters. Thousands of sad stories are being shared each day by parents who are filled with sorrow after seeing their beloved one covered in blood due to severe Israeli attacks.

Reports indicate that the number of children killed during the recent war in Gaza has surpassed the count of children who lost their lives in armed conflicts worldwide for each of the past 4 years. This report was issued by Jason Lee, the Country Director of Save the Children, who also stated his concern that this number could increase due to the horrific ongoing violence in the city.

It is worth noting that the horrendous Israeli airstrikes, rockets, explosions, and collapsing buildings due to these attacks have claimed the lives of 3600 Palestinian children over just 25 days. The victims include young kids, enthusiastic journalists, newborns, and even toddlers, along with youngsters who took refuge in a church, thinking it was a safe place.

Additionally, as per the data published on October 26th by the Gaza Health Ministry, around 2001, children aged 12 and under were killed, with 615 of them being aged 3 and under.

Moreover, approximately 7,000 injuries have also been recorded since October 7, 2023, in Gaza. Shocking reports indicate that around 40% of casualties involve children, as nearly half of Gaza’s population is under the age of 18.

As this militant group seized control of territory in 2007, this is the 5th Israel-Hamas conflict experience for the age bracket of 15 years.

The war has left the children’s population of Gaza traumatized for a lifetime, and even those who survived to escape the war may suffer from PTSD.

Gaza now faces a 70% youth unemployment rate, as reported by the World Bank.

Ayed Abu Eqtaish, accountability program director for Defense for Children International in the Palestinian territories, stated his disappointment in the ongoing situation, indicating that he has little hope that the children of Palestine can develop careers or live better lives.

The lost lives include those of incredibly talented youngsters. Aseel Hassan was a lover of Arabic poetry who was killed in an airstrike along with his younger brother. An employee of UN Palestine, Al-Sharif, lost his 18-month-old twin sons in an airstrike. Wael Dahdouh, the bureau chief of Al Jazeera’s Gaza, lost his highly talented 16-year-old son due to the Israeli attack.

A 40-year-old carpenter cried while informing the authorities of the death of her beloved 8-year-old daughter, who lost her life tragically during the intense attacks of Israel on Gaza.

These are just a few of the thousands of other heartbreaking death stories of small kids who lost their lives during the recent conflict. The loss of innocent children’s lives is a devastating curse for the parents in Gaza, who bear the heavy burden of carrying their loved ones covered in blood due to the attacks.

The widespread genocide of children is an alarming situation that calls upon the international community to take action to protect the children of Gaza and guarantee them a life free from oppression.

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