25,000 Palestinian Children Became Orphans Since October

25,000 Palestinian Children traumatized as they witness the death of their parents in Israeli bombings
Gaza bombing
Image Credit: Ali Jadallah/Anadolu/Getty Images

GAZA – The count of Palestinian children who have been left orphaned since October reaches 25,000.

In the wake of ongoing horrific conflict between Israel and Hamas reports indicate that a staggering 25,000 Palestinian children have been left orphaned since October 2023

The war between Israel and Palestine had started years ago however the conflict took a devastating turn in October 2023. The Israeli airstrikes attacked the homeland of Gazans claiming thousands of lives and millions of injuries. 

Video circulating on the internet even displays the happiness of Israelis as they bomb the houses and schools in Gaza. One disturbing video that caught widespread attention displayed Israelis dancing and enjoying the attacks on Gazans

The attacks became severe in November when Israelis started attacking the hospitals and even denied any entry of humanitarian aid in the city. Gazans faced a complete blackout and blockage of essential supplies like water and food. The situation worsened as the hospitals ran out of oxygen and anesthesia which called for widespread attention worldwide

As the conflict entered the third month the United Nations had called for an immediate Ceasefire to address the humanitarian concerns in Gaza. The call for a ceasefire faced extreme challenges as the United States voted against the resolution

The conflict marked by airstrikes and bombings has taken a heavy toll on innocent lives with children being the most vulnerable victims. With families torn apart, many orphans find themselves in trauma as they see their parents dying in front of them

Humanitarian organizations are finding the best ways to provide essential support to Gazans grappling with the aftermath of attacks

The belief of Palestinians in this tough time remains remarkable. Their resilience and faith were everything during this war. Several non-Muslims commented on the beliefs and strength of Palestinians on TikTok.

However, the situation calls for an immediate Ceasefire and comprehensive International efforts to address the Humanitarian crisis in the region

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