200-year-old Mosque Damaged After Heavy Rains in Delhi, India

200 year old Mosque Damaged delhi
Sajjad Hussain/AFP

Because of the heavy monsoon rainfall in the city, New Dehli’s 200-year-old mosque got crashed down from its central dome.

The red sandstone Mubarak Begum Mosque was created by a courtesan in 1823 and is among a few of the historic heritage places in the ancient old areas of the city.

The flooding due to monsoon had earlier killed two people in the city and collapsing of a lot of trees and houses.

The dome got collapsed with noise at 6.45, as reported by the mosque’s imam Muhammad Zahid to the Anadolu Agency.

200-year-old mosque

200 year old mosque damaged after rain in delhi indian capital
Sajjad Hussain/AFP

Zahid is the Muezzin and imam at this mosque since the year 2004. He shared that the last mishap that took place at this mosque was in the year 2016.

From that year, he continuously sent letters to the Wakf Board officials, which is an institution that takes care of the Muslim historic places present in the nation, in order to have their attention concerning the deterioration.

Zahid again drafted a letter on this Monday to the officials requesting to have a look at the mosque. Then, the officials arrived at the location to evaluate the damage of the mosque.

Concerning the matter, the Waqf officials didn’t bother to respond to Anadolu’s questions.

Yet, a representative from the Wakf Board, Himal Akhtar, stated to the Indian Express that the conservation of this mosque is essential to them.

This mosque was created by Mubarak Begum in Delhi’s oldest and busy, Chair Bazaar area. She was basically a Hindu courtesan from the western part of the Pune, who then became a Muslimah after reaching Dehli.

As soon as the relevant reports appeared, the ancient heritage lovers appeared on the social media platforms to share their anger and shock.

A lot of other areas got affected in this monsoon as well.

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